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Originally Posted by FuzzyPlum View Post
I recall Lindsey, Mick and John recorded about 7 tracks before Christine came back on board. I think they may have been additional to the future BM songs but I'm not too sure. Also, I think the ones from those sessions may have just been instrumental tracks but I'm not certain.

Edit: in retrospect I think a couple of those songs ended up being BM songs but obviously not all of them.
Looking down the BM credits, three tracks were co-produced by Froom, these being In My World, Lay Down For Free and On With the Show. Sleeping was a leftover from Seeds We Sow so apart from the Chris co-writes that really only leaves Love Is Here To Stay as new from Lindsey on that album, much as What's The World Coming To was IIRC about the only LB track on Say You Will that wasn't either recorded/performed around Dance time or originally intended for Gift of Screws.

But admittedly I'm going off topic here.
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