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Default Come

I think Come is about any woman that has ever spurned Lindsey, including Anne, but not excluding others. I think Lindsey has a lot of pride when a woman has dissed him and this song was a "lighthearted", but also serious way of expressing his frustration and his sexual prowess. I think he takes a lot of pride in that, too.

Line by line, here's what I think:

"Think of me, sweet darling, when everything's going bad.
Think of me, sweet darling, everytime you're feeling sad.
Thnk of me, sweet darling, everytime you don't come..."
"Think of me, sweet darling, everytime things get rough.
Think of me, sweet darling, when the best just isn't enough.
Think of me, sweet darling, everytime you don't come..."

I think these lines are particularly spiteful. "Think of me when your life is sucking, you're sexually dissatisfied, nothing you do is good enough and you'll see how good you had it with me." "Sweet darling" is sarcastic.

"Can you feel the fever?"

I think this is partially sexual, but also another way of him saying "don't you miss me?" I think "the fever" could also be referring to the pain or the angst of the situation.

"'Cause nobody else is doing it.
Nobody else is doing it, no, no."

These two lines are pretty obvious I think. "Nobody else is doing it for you, sexually and otherwise."

"Thought that our harmony was the new harmony"

"I thought what we had was the best and would last."

"Lord, it was a little too strange..."

"but it was just strange and surreal."

"And the band played on."

"My life goes on, cest la vie and my music continues, that is my life." I know Lindsey must have taken a lot of solace in his career, especially after bad relationships ended.

"I said I was going to put God away ... she's been here a while."

I think God refers to the woman or women in question. "I said I was going to put you away (let you go)". Apparently, he holds the women he's been with in high regard, referring to them as "God."

"Living in the guest room ... I guess she goes in style."

The relationship was long over (living in the guest room) before she ended it or it ended.

"I said I was going to put God away, but I just can't let her go..."

Poor Lindsey just couldn't let go of another relationship. That only left her to do it, which made him write this song.

"Can you feel the fever?"

I think this time he says it to her and to himself. I really think the meaning of "the fever" is "the sting" of the relationship going sour.

"Now I lay me down to sleep in this enemy bed.
Tomorrow morning I will wake up hurting from the things we've said."

Again, the relationship is bad (enemy bed, hurting things we've said).

"One thing leads to another, but I guess you know about that..."

This is another spiteful line. She's either cheated and/or the anger, the fighting, etc., led to their breakup.

"Can you feel the fever?"

Again, I think he says this to her and to himself with "the fever" meaning the pain or angst.

So to sum up, I think this might have been partially written about Anne Heche, but also about any woman who has hurt him in some way, not even just a breakup. Just hurt in general. I think this was his anthem to all the broken relationships in his life so if he said it was about Anne, he wouldn't have been lying or covering up. It was a sin of omission to leave out "and every other woman I've ever been with." I think Lindsey has led a tormented love life from day one and he finally wrote something in the heat of anger and frustration lumping every woman he's ever been with into one cruel, but angst-filled declaration.
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