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Default The Munich incident

This was a popular story back in the seventies when I became a fan, and seemed to me to be somewhat overblown even then. Everything I read regarding Peter's response to the many questions regarding this incident led me to believe that it was simply easier for Peter to agree with the popular suggestion that he had taken too much acid, took a trip and never came back, etc.. than to try and explain the spiritual journey he was on, a jouney that didn't necessarily include music. I can understand the band's need to find a scapegoat as Peter's departure must have seemed bizzare and inexplicable, especially given the success they were having at the time. Some of the comments that were made by Peter, Jeremy, Mick, and John during the taping of the 2007 documentary support this view in my opinion. Peter's response to the same old question was that he just having fun at the commune. Jeremy's story of how Peter came up with the name Fleetwood Mac, and John's surprise at hearing this story. Not to mention Gary Moore saying that Peter had told him that he was leaving Fleetwood Mac a year before he actually did. These comments and others support the idea that Peter looked at being a member of Fleetwood Mac and any other band for that matter as something temporary, and considerably less important than any spiritual quest he may have be on. As for the Munich tape: After Jeremy mentioned that Peter had told him that this music was the most spiritual music he had ever played, wow! what I would give to hear that!
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