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Default Its a long story

Originally Posted by jeremy spencer View Post
...but I did get to see Jane in a clothing store in LA in 1978. I wanted to walk up to her to extend my sympathies after the trauma, but something ... (pride?) stopped me. I regret it to this day.
I remember her pouring out her heart to Mick on the phone (the talkback was on), and it seemed she still loved Pete regardless.
Anyway, I'm so glad she got out of that dangerous relationship, though. She had become a Jewish Christian, so there must have been some dark resistance at work.
Dear Jeremy,

Have you considered writing a book? It would seem that you have many stories to tell, from your youth, to the FM days, to your world travels and experiences in India and the "sub continent" (wherever that is). I think it would be a fascinating insightful read.

P.S. Are you considering coming back to play in the US? (a new York area fan is hopeful)


vinnie c
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