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I saw them at Pinkpop yesterday.

7th concert since 1990, 6th tour, my balance sheet remains flawless, again I was at front row - the one place where I belong, I'm that awesome.

The concert started a few minutes early, after a really rainy day. Everyone seemed happy, the band played very well. Stevie was so nice, friendly and had fun, in contrast to the last time when I saw them in Cologne in 2015, with Lindsey. She was center of attention and had a good time. She worked for her money yesterday. Charisma - Stevie owns it. She was fantastic, there is nothing to diminish that. She DID butcher "Gypsy" though, for me the one bad song of the night.

Chris was doing fine, her singing was okay, not great, but she had fun and played well, especially her solos. Fun times. She and Mike seemed to sincery like each other, they were very cute.

The new bandmembers were okay, Mick outdid himself to describe them as full bandmembers, but talking in "Game of Thrones", they are still sell-swords for me. But they fit right in and created a really "groovy" flow. That said, I loved the different guitar work, not so high pitched, rather grounded and earthy, the sound was awesome. Also, the band worked very well together.

Did I miss Lindsey? Yes and no, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the band was great, the mood far more relaxed and the playing was fine, it was just not that emotional for me and the intensity that Lindsey created was just not there. On the other hand, there were no drawn out guitar solos to endure and no "So afraid" as a mood killer for me. And no fakeflirting, thanks the concert gods. So all in all, I was far on the plus side.

I could have done without "Don't dream it's over" and felt that covering "Second Hand News" was just bad manners, but the setlist was so packed with songs that I love, it made no difference. Suprisingly, I loved "Blackmagic Woman" and did not even mind "Free Falling", because Stevie sang the hell out of it. Still not my favorite, meh.

The crowd was great, everyone sang along, the atmosphere was positive and happy. This was not a magic night like the one in Cologne in 2013, but soooooooo much better than the concert there in 2015, that imho was ruined by inner band trouble played out in public.

That's it.

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