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and just for clarification, when we say 'backup players are playing prerecorded tracks' we are in fact saying that the backup players are miming to the back up recordings....? Which seems doubly redundant. If they're there, and they're actually accomplished musicians, why not just let them play?
Is the insinuation that Lindsey was so controlling of the sound that he would allow no margin for deviation and so insisted on backup tracks?
I mean I get using recorded tracks to an extent on his solo tours, because there's so much complexity on those recordings, even just for example that he does umpteen different vocal layers that no one could reproduce live without hauling 15 singers on tour.. And he did on his first solo tour try to recreate everything live which required taking like 8 guitarists on the road with him, which had to have cost a small fortune. So yeah, in that case it makes way more sense to use tracks. That said he did do a whole tour with just himself and little to no recorded tracks

Makes you wonder if when it came to FM the skills of the band members was becoming so unreliable over the course of a tour or just so eroded altogether that they'd embarrass themselves if they didn't use tracks. sorry, this is rambling but it's one of those topics where we can only speculate what was in people's heads.
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