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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
Thanks, UnwindedDreams- Neil does come across as a very nice, kind man. Even more so in a new interview at where he speaks again about Fleetwood Mac, and more specifically how going on tour with them and singing Lindseyís songs influenced how he sang on the new Crowded house album coming out this week.

At first I was frustrated that the interviewer didnít press Neil on more info about just what the current status is of FM, but itís pretty obvious Neil doesnít know whatís going on anymore than anyone else. That makes me believe the theory that Mick and Lindsey are planning to record a new album or something. Sounds like Neil is going to be ok with whatever the outcome is.
Yea. I look forward to checking out Dreamers Are Waiting this month.

Like you said, sounds like Neil will feel fine any way. He made a ton of dough, got his name out to thousands of people that may not have known him who now listen to his music.

He could always collaborate with Mike too. I totally forgot that. Maybe he could join the HBs. I would buy that album or see their show.
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