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Holy cow, did I just fall down into the rabbit hole... I'm catching up on these old posts.

I'm not nearly as familiar with the early years. I know the standard stories and myths circulating in any basic wikipedia or FM biography page, including the "3 day acid trip in Munich." It's extremely interesting to learn more about that night (including that it was just 1 night rather than 3, etc).

So many thoughts.

First, it's very cool to hear directly from Mr. Jeremy Spencer. Thank you, Mr. Spencer, for sharing your insights!

Second general thought, is it confirmed that the man and woman are Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans? It does seem likely given what I've been reading online about them in my rabbit hole, their associations with Kommune 1, Amon Düül, etc. So fascinating. Popmuseum, thanks for sharing your correspondence with Langhans!

So many thoughts... so many "what ifs."
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