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Originally Posted by Macfanforever View Post
I sign up to the Rainbow Bridge Memorial website which is like the peoples Legacy .com.
I add some photos of her and add more later as time goes on.Now its time to go out and take a walk get myself together..

I have Silent Night playing in the background .To bad I cant post Stevie's version due to copyrights.
I visited the memorial, it shows that yu really loved Buttons. If it's of any help, it's obvious that she loved you too and that you made her happy during this year with you, she certainly never wanted anything more than that.

When you'll feel ready consider to save another cat and apply what Buttons has taught you.
Recently a stray cat has been abandoned in my old grand-father's field and we took him in. I thought I wasn't ready but he needed us and we don't regret it.
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