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Originally Posted by Macfanforever View Post
Hi everybody.Been away for awhile.I'm sad to say my cat Buttons has gone to kitty heaven today {August 24th} around 2pm today at the vets. The vet doctor have tried to revive her as her heart stopped"cardiac arrest " and got her going and say about 10 minutes later she passed away on her own. She was not put asleep. which would be more heart breaking for me. She got sick over the weekend which I noticed that she was not eating alot loosing weight last week.The Doctor said that maybe her kidneys were the issue that made her sick.I blame the cat food with the crap they put into it I feel like crap and blaming myself for not taking care of her but my friend Bob said I was taking her from my neighbor"Crampton" and giving her for another year of being alive at a new home when I adopted a year ago last year.More likely my ex -neighbors family would drop Buttons off at the local animal shelter and have her put down.

Heres the latest photo of her that I taken on the 19th of August before she started going down the last few days.

I will get another cat companion A "Buttons Jr" soon after I flea bomb and clean the place here.

She's up there on the rainbow bridge in heaven and later meet up with Mr Crampton and friends the she knew.

RIP Buttons .See you soon.

I apologize with the crappy grammar because I'm upset and have not sleep at all last night.{August 23rd}..
I'm sorry Skip, my Perla passed away on the same day but three months ago, on the 24th of May. Your Buttons seemed very sweet.
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