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TISL didn't quite live up to its Santana like comeback that Stevie's management were hoping for, but it did contain some real high points. Most notably the high notes missing in action for quite some time made a pleasantly surprising return on Sorcerer and It's Only Love in particular. Very well done and the tone was perfect on those songs. Some great rockers too, I loved the production on Planets and Fall From Grace, both outstanding tracks. Then the writing- the amazing title track writing, among her best and Bombay Sapphires, an engaging song. Some low points- Everyday, I thought it was completely unnecessary to go to an outside writer for a single with the aforementioned rockers in hand. The vocal job on Candlebright- it needed a wistful, It's Only Love type vocal for the best effect, but was a bit too nasal for such a great song from Stevie's catalogue. Too Far From Texas was also not the strongest of songs. Lastly, I believe the album would've had better flow with one producer- Shanks. Overall though, it's a great piece of her discography, but come 2001 and the songs she had, it should've been perfect and needed to be.
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