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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
What was her huge accident???
I believe it was December 1993 when Stevie fell in her living room and bashed her head into the fireplace. It was the catalyst for her friends (who where there) to finally speak up and get her to rehab. I guess it was her "rock bottom" moment (pardon the pun).
I cant imagine for the life of me what a Streel Angel tour would have been like if she had not cleaned up. 1994 was the first tour in 20 years that she was not on some substance while performing live. Her hair was fried, her waist bigger, but supposedly clean as a whistle.
Christine on Stevie 1984: "10 years ago she really had her feet on the ground but she seems to have developed her own fantasy world, somehow, which Iím not part of. We donít socialize much."
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