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Originally Posted by Street_Dreamer View Post
It would have been interesting to see how the band would have worked if Lindsey, Christine and Billy had got together. Obviously Lindsey and Christine's chemistry has been well documented over the years. Christine and Billy I felt had really good chemistry the times they worked together. I would have loved to hear Lindsey put his touch on Billy's work. I think the two really would have got along seeing as Billy has always been willing to play "second fiddle". Mixing Bekka in would have been REALLY cool seeing as she is a completely different type of singer/vocalist than Christine or Stevie. Considering how many different artists Bekka has worked with over the years, I really think she would have found a place in the group and given Fleetwood Mac a new and unique element the band never had before or ever.
If $tevie had just left the band for her solo career, a much better band might happened on it's own. Replace $tevie with Bekka, and I'm happy.

Bekka is technically the best singer FM has ever had. My god she's got some amazing pipes on her!

FM doesn't need two male vocalists, though. Especially considering their catalog. And Lindsey would have never allowed that, either.
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