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Originally Posted by elle View Post
oh you know way better! they can't tour new songs because they have too many past hits? yeah right. they have a good number of hits but most bands their stature have way more and yet have no problem not doing every single hit they had at every live show. Bowie used to tour his new albums and adding just couple of his hits at the end. Rolling Stones, U2, Springsteen and so many others rotate setlists or some of the songs in setlists. for example, U2 just toured their new album in 2016. they didn't do nearly all their past hits, and they rotated some of their first successful songs from date to date. it's not that hard when the band is not lazy and/or completely dysfunctional and stunted by the worry that audience won't love every single thing they play on first listen!

plus just look at the setlist of Buckingham McVie tour in 2017 - they did 8 new songs plus tons of their old hits plus some deep cuts and still skipped some of their biggest hits.
It was amazing to hear 8 songs from the new album. And, add in Wish You Were Here!
I would tell Christine Perfect, "You're Christine f***ing McVie, and don't you forget it!"
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