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I agree about everything related to new material and studio albums. However I'm not sure about them "trying to keep the band going as a creative unit". Really? I don't find any evidence or clue about it. That EP was kind a casual product, not a true effort, my feeling. The main motivation of Fleetwood Mac are the tours, since several years.

But about the tours, well I saw them twice this last decade. The "part with cash" argument would be far more true for me, since I live in Peru and had to travel to see them. But I took advantage of a business trip to see them during the Unleashed tour, cause I wouldn't travel specially to see them if Chris wasn't there, I did enjoyed the show. As I also enjoyed the OWTS gig in 2014, with the 5 members. A dream came true when Chris was on stage again. And that was a trip just to see them.

And I always check the setlist before buying a concert ticket, so I know what I am paying for. And since I enjoyed both concerts, it wasn't a waste of time to me. Not my time at least
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