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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
Popular vote doesnt mean anything and you know it. The fact that she had all the money, 95% of the media and Hollywood on her side, was an experienced politician makes Trumps win all the more impressive and historic. Probably the biggest upset in the history of presidential politics and that was not reflected in coverage.

About the popular vote vs winning the election, I guess getting votes by supporting illegal immigrants only works if those anchor babies move out of California when they grow up, which it seems like many didnít. All those thankful recepients of citizenship can stay in California and collect and thankfully they wonít affect our presidential elections. Democrats forgot about that.

I am well aware of your voting system.
I just felt it pertinent to challenge your view that half of America voted for the goon...they didn't. I don't however dispute he won fair and square (albeit with a bit of foreign help).

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