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Originally Posted by Jondalar View Post
He’s a threat to globalist, liberals and to people who use the United States to foot the bill. This president will not kiss butt and do an apology tour. He likes America and it’s people. He is just what America needs.
NO he's a traitor and an embarrassment to this country. I'm paying more in taxes this year (fact) and the deficit will hit 1 trillion next year WAY more then they initially thought. He's A LIAR and causes **** storms EVERY GOD DAMN day. When he was campaigning he went around saying the "real" unemployment rate was 40 percent and the Obama was lying. MAGICALLY he now boasts how the unemployment rate went from 4.6 when he took office to where it is today. WHAT THE F happened to the 40 percent rate he was quoting. LIAR He will say anything. UGH Hated around the world. Hated. The funnies part is that you think this BILLIONAIRE from New York likes Americas people. BWAAAAAH I've have listened to this absolute a hole on Howard Stern for years. He does NOT like people who aren't rich like him. What a joke!

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