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Originally Posted by elle View Post
do you even know what "live" means?

show is either live or pre-recorded. (and you could get both with Lindsey yesterday.) when it's live it is raw and you get glitches and warts. you get the reaction in the moment. you know, stuff that people usually complain about with LB - that he's a perfectionist and control freak. apparently not anymore - not nearly as much as some others.
Again, though, the difference between a show recorded live in the living room and streamed a few hours later and something streamed live in the moment isn’t that big of a difference, one most people wouldn’t notice or care about. It was good for hype, but that’s about it.

haha changing topics i see.
You’re the one who went to “So you are saying instead of recording and touring new album LB...” which was completely irrelevant to anything in conversation.

you know that i've been complaining about this on social media all day. but that' a different topic that belongs in LB forum where we're been discussing it.
I don’t follow you on social media, however, it’s funny that you defend him not having “recorded a BuckVie tour and Anthology tour, both with tons of rarities and new songs, screen them in theaters and put them on tv, then process to sell online” because that would have been a “regurgitation or stuff already done few years ago“ when he’s done all of these songs on his tours from 2011-18.
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