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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
BTW, you know that $tevie is THE MOST POPULAR MEMBER.... YOU KNOW THAT, RIGHT? I'm sure her tickets would have been at least $100. Probably double or triple that!
LOL, GbV charged $25, which also went to charity when they did a streaming show earlier this year. Of course, they had the foresight to film the show first and then stream it through a service.

$tevie is the MOST POPULAR!!!!! DO YOU HEAR ME?
Well, I mean, in the past month, one of them released a live set with deep cuts that was filmed in arenas, shown in theaters, and is being shown on PBS while the other Zoomed a short, predictable set with karaoke backing tracks from his living room and experienced technical difficulties. But thatís the price for art, right?
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