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Originally Posted by lazy poker View Post
hi, folks!

here's one to revive this old-timey thread - though it's about a completely different aspect: the poster(s) to the concerts that took place around the munich incident.

99% of the "original" munich posters on offer all over the place bear the wrong date: january 18. in fact the mac played vancouver on this very day (see attachment). in november last year the real thing was on auction, which was the first time i actually saw an original (it's below as well).

but this raises 2 questions: the band played 3 shows in munich altogether. the poster seen here was only advertising the late show on march 22 at the circus krone bau. has anybody ever seen a poster for the matinee concert? and what about the appearance on march 23 at deutsches museum? have they ever been advertised with this outrageous design (by gŁnther kieser)? if anybody out there should be in the know about this, please share your knowledge with me . . . or, err, us all!
Nice find on a photo of the real Munich poster! As you note, nearly all the photos you see on the web show the fake one with the January date (image of the fake poster below). Aside from the fact that the band played in Vancouver on 18 January, it's an obvious fake as it even shows the wrong day of the week for that date. I've seen these fake posters advertised for a lot of money on the web, though it's certainly possible that many of the people selling them have no idea that they're fake.

Do we know for a fact that the band played three shows in Munich? I know that's listed on at least one source on the web but I have doubts as to whether it's accurate.
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