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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Funny story. She said this happened in 1999 but I think she meant the 1999 tour? Prince played Texas shows in December 1982 on that tour. This makes sense because this was just post Mirage tour and into the Wild Heart sessions right before she wrote Stand Back and got married to Kim. This means she would have heard Little Red Corvette at this concert. She forgets this part of her inspiration and is probably why she freaked when the song came on the radio when she got married in early 1983. She was definitely out of control 1982-1986.

Prince was talented but probably the worst person in the world. Peggy worked for him and the most she could say is that he was cordial with her but not really friendly. Prince was a horrible person. Definitely shy and insecure from all the bullying he experienced growing up and he turned that wrath against people. What a hypocrite he was for condemning people for drug abuse yet dies of a drug overdose. Having his body guards walk on stage with him during the American Music Awards, not say anything and then give the award to the body guard to carry in front of the world. He really thought he was royalty. Sending telegrams to Night Ranger and other performers sitting near him in the audience to not look him in the eye at the ceremony. Telling off Sheryl Crow for her charity concert in New York because American Express promoted it and pulling out of the show because of it. I could go on and on. Probably the most insecure and arrogant person that ever lived.
Holy crap, I never knew any of this(I'm not the world's biggest Prince fan). He sounds like a horrible person!
And I'm David, not Homer!(we all should be able to change our name, at least once)
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