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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
just a random thought, but given her control of the narrative around Lindsey's departure, one would have to imagine Stevie was NOT at all pleased by Billy's blabbing on social media. Mick likes to stay on Stevie's good side as it is financially advantageous. So if being (publicly at least) pals-y with Billy would irritate Stevie and make her turn some of her ire towards Mick, I could see him avoiding Billy to keep the peace with her. This band is so f****d up anything seems feasible.
I donít think that every single incident with Fleetwood Mac centers around Stevie. Does anyone really think Stevie threatened Mick if he invited Billy to perform at the Peter Green tribute because of a tweet?

Billy had a heart attack and then later contracted COVID- those are reasons enough that Billy would have skipped the tribute. Or maybe Billy was irritated at Mick for not being called in to replace Lindsey so he declined. I just hope whatever the circumstances, Billy is in good health and doing well.
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