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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
The photo on the back of the Deluxe Edition BTM era should definitely include Stevie and Rick. There are so few group photos from that time, but Id go with the one on the back of the Greatest Hits album- its very classy and they all look fantastic.
Totally unrelated but this comment made me think about this because I would agree you don't see a lot of pics from the Tango/BTM era. That being said, I graduated high school in 1998 and within our yearbook was this insert type thing that talked about pop culture from our senior year. This was something that was clearly purchased and wasn't something that the yearbook team actually created specific for my school. Anyway, it talked about Fleetwood Mac reuniting for The Dance and being inducted into the RRHOF. It was a short blurb that and also mentioned how The Dance was the first album released by the band in a decade. And it includes a picture of the band...Billy, Mick, Chris, John, and Rick. No Stevie, no Lindsey. It's hard to find such a small little piece of something be wrong on so many levels but there it was - forever immortalized in a dumb old yearbook.
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