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Originally Posted by tango87 View Post
Yes, this is littered with clumsy little cuts throughout, isn't it? Is that jarring edit in Sisters Of The Moon about removing a verse to shorten the song?

I've always been frustrated by an out-of-sync section during the guitar solo of Gypsy, where Lindsey's fingers are about clearly about one or two notes ahead of the music.

Also, odd moments of repeated footage, like a shot of the guitar riff in Eyes Of The World, which they reuse, and Lindsey's yelp which pops up at various points.

Still love it though!
The jarring edit on Sisters has always been the most visual because of how the audio reveals a skipped beat. I would agree with your theory except she sung all the verses of the song, correct? Did she throw in some other verse that they cut? Its clear something was cut and they tried to merge the tape together. I wish someone who was at the show would shed some light. My hunch is that the band messed up and they just cut that part out and spliced the tape together.
For those playing at home, I am talking about 5:44
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