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Originally Posted by BigAl84 View Post
Regarding the whole debate about the eb and flow of Stevie's solo thing is for sure.

As said in her own behind the music episode, her solo career was tanked by 1996.

The only reason she bounced back was due to The Dance tour, end of story.

The Enchanted Box set and tour NEVER would of happened without that tour happening first.

It would be interesting to think about where her career would be now if the 1997 reunion hadn't happened.
possibly similar to Pat Benatar and others of her generation - still viable but playing theaters. most performers of her era are now relegated to theaters, unless they also have a big brand name band to carry them through rougher times.

that said, unlike many bands and musicians that are purely musical, Stevie also has a persona that she's selling. it's no accident that part of her publishing deal was also selling her "likeness."

she is also really savvy, jumping on every opportunity to try to further her commercial appeal and further her legendary status - from trying to tie herself to the most commercial pop singers at the time (Swift, Perry, huge FM stans like Lorde and Styles), to making sure to build up her own name every time FM were brought back in the spotlight l(like FM Glee episode, where she visited the set after they put FM back in the conversation). she tries to seize every opportunity and some pan out, others may not - but she's trying. others may be relying on trier PR people and managers, since music is a part where their strength lies, and just waiting and hoping it may all go their way. she's working it, making sure she's a star.

and then AHS came along. AHS made Stevie huge because Mike Murphy presented her to completely new audiences as this legendary rock icon who is worth worshipping, and she has a pretty well-rounded persona consisting of witchy legends, chiffon goth garb, sex symbol past, heavy-living-drug-use-survivor, strong-woman-sticking-it-to-a-man schtick that some AHS-watching young girls bought into.

Stevie may not be nearly at the level of legends like Cher or Dolly Parton, each with their own larger-than-life persona on top of their musical output, acting careers and commercial success, but the state of her persona-driven career is probably more appropriate to compare to people like them than to pure musicians such as other FM members.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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