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Honestly, I hadnít been here for a few weeks after my last post and this thread and possibly this fandom is mirroring the toxic cesspool that the band is. Itís ridiculous to try and weigh the respective involvement of everyone. Stevie is the most marketable, commercial, identifiable part of the band. I donít think anyone really questions that. But there is value in the five of them together, and the attempts to make that happen after 1987 were/are an attempt to recapture the frenzy of Rumours. They obviously were able to do a successful tour in 2018 without Lindsey and many tours without Christine, but itís the five together that is the apex of what I enjoy about them.

Itís the arguing over who matters and who contributed and the petty sniping I hate the most. I donít regret cutting off my involvement in the band endeavors after Lindsey was fired. I did enjoy trying to figure out the timeline of how it happened and to piece it together from the clues we have. But ultimately it doesnít matter. At this point, I hope they donít reunite. I was able to believe that they were in it for something other than money in 1997 until 2018. Now itís clear thatís really what binds them together, and the act they sold us was just to make more money. .

For me, thereís no point in debating who is most valuable or marketable. They have all made a lot of money ó much of it selling us a love or camaraderie that was pretty fake as far as I can tell ó and they can all make more. Maybe thatís a damper on the thread, admittedly, but what is the point in warring over who matters most in a band that has decided that money matters most of all?
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