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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
she asked him to bail her out with it, because no one could figure out how to make her demo into a viable, releasable song. Same again a few years later with Soldier's Angel after Dave slaved over it and couldn't get it right.
God, enough of the Lindsey messiah crap. “Lindsey saved..,” “Lindsey bailed out..,” etc.

This is exactly why I talk about sales and viability. Because when you factor those in, and that’s all that really matters to Fleetwood Mac, it becomes clear that Lindsey was never in a position to save or bail out anyone. I mean, we’re debating this on a thread about Mike Campbell.

In 1996, Fleetwood Mac was being offered insane amounts of money to do a reunion. “Twisted” was a test run between the three previously warring factions. That’s all. And, Stevie didn’t especially like how it turned out. She released the original demo in 1998 (and the finished demo of Sweet Girl), and recut the song in 2014.

As for “Soldier’s Angel” and all of the solo songs Lindsey had previously worked on at some point, how many of those were hit singles? How many of those were career game changers for Stevie vs. just album tracks? I’m sure her solo career would have tanked without the amazing things Lindsey did with “Think About It.
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