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I love this song, it sounds like classic Fleetwood Mac, an out-take from the "Tango in the Night" album.
I hate to be the bearer of strange insights, though, on the other the hand the mere discussion of interpretation of this particular song is quite interesting on several levels. To begin, I firmly believe that our lonely little Miranda is quite simply- a famous Porn Star!

Having stated that, I will also state that the lion is simply a sign of power, and is something Miranda struggles with, and so uses sex to dominate and conquer the opposites, and so through this vice it becomes her addiction. One might think that She may have actually likened her profession of power exchanges to a hobby much like that of a womanizing man and how he may put notches on his belt after each conquest.

Miranda taking it to a deeper level, may have physically if not emotionally taken souvenirs with her after each encounter with the men (her on film co-stars) she really does consider her foes. On many levels her profession allows her to escape her emotions, and yet at the same time to briefly relive all of her unresolved childhood dramas played out with her father being a major figure being someone whose love and respect she could never win. To that end we really do find Miranda alone - in her heart. Never to find her ideal, someone that could never meet her highest expectations.

To read the lyrics again with this in mind it may shed some light, and without being to graphic let me point out for example that the entire first verse appears to be Miranda setting up her takes and scenes on film with the best angles which tend to be difficult and getting into it mentally and then losing herself when she does. All the while making it appear as if she is in pain, though knowing that's what her audience ultimately wants to see.

The word "marina" in this instance is a nickname.

I know...I know what your thinking! That this Moon Brother guy really does have his mind in the gutter tonight, but I'll also have you know that I stand by my interpretation on the mere fact that I read in an interview with Lindsey that there were songs written on the album with certain controversial topics, one of which being a Porn Star.

Lastly, I would like to point out how interesting it is that Lindsey said that Stevie refused to sing on The song "Come" due to the nature of the lyrics. Going so far as to calling her on the her hypocrisy of her conservative nature seeing as that she lived the lifestyle she lived during the eighties with all of her rock star excesses, it baffled Lindsey I believe. It would also seem, to me at least, that Stevie would have had difficulty singing on Miranda as well, given that its nature may just be about a famous Porn Star.
I guess she could not argue that it was a great song to record!

The most provocative line in the song:

"Miranda is dying with all of her might...............It causes her pain, that's part of the charm"

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