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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
So worldwide public humiliation is okay???

If Lindsey thinks that acceptable, well, that just sick. Nuts. What the hell happened to "the Tusk guy"? The Tusk guy would have told them to shove it!

I'd have rented billboards all across the country, with a pic of $tevie on it, with a big red "NO" symbol across her face. Signed, "Love, Lindsey".
Worldwide public humiliation? I donít think Lindsey has any reason to feel humiliated. I think generally, people thought he got a raw deal. If Lindsey decides to rejoin FM, or be a Ďspecial guestí on an album or tour or whatever, thatís his choice. If he can forgive and move on, good for him. In the long run thatís the healthiest thing, mentally and physically.
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