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Originally Posted by John Run View Post
My god though, so many Stevie references and the spectre of Stevie. First time I have ever heard Lindsey link Go Insane to Stevie and then again Big Love. He was really working hard to make it clear what a lifelong impact she has had on him.
Yep. He bemoans the mass audience for fixating on the Enquirer aspects of Fleetwood Mac at the expense of the music, but he brings up the Stevie Nicks relationship crap more than anyone. Lindsey has been doing that for twenty years. He seems preoccupied with her and her legacy more than his own. Canít he sit an interview without talking about her or Rumours success?

And now let's get to the Mick love affair - He actually said "Mick's intuition for what is truthful is beyond reproach." It seems to me that the two of them are for sure planning something.
I guess I agree. It would seem to be the most likely explanation for their comments. My Mick Alert gauge is climbing.

He and Mick ought to actually listen to some of the 1980 live tracks on the last two deluxe releases just to get their mojo back and then go record together. Drop the ďartĒ and self-consciousness and just slam their respective balls together. They used to ó thatís fully one-third of Tusk.
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