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Default A little story to tell

Hello all, call me Marsh, I'm a retired computer engineer and I'm Christine McVie's age (short of a few months...probably the oldest FM fan here).

I have a little story to tell.

I started out working in a small computer company just outside of Boston back in 1962, and in 2002 I retied from the computer field. I have always put my nose to the grind-stone and didn't know much about the entertainers back in the 50's and 60's (outside of Elvis and Diana Ross etc.).. For that mater through out the 40 years, I listen to my favored music, the Beatles in the mid 60's, Elton John, Billy Joel and Fleetwood Mac in the 70's. They where one of my favorite band and entertainers along with the Bee Gees during the 70's.

Now here is my story: On one of my rare, if not only time, I went to a nightclub in 1966 in New York City. I only did this because I was accompanied by another senior engineer on a business trip (several years older than me, his name was Don). Later in the day (at night) Don led me to Greenwich Village where all the beatnik's hung out. I heard of Greenwich Village and knew that Beatniks smoked Marijuana, but that was about it. I was a technical guy (a geek) in the 60's and 70's.

That night in 1966, Don and I walked into a street level Coffeehouse, and I stood next to a black guy with an Afro hair cut who was playing his Guitar just 10 feet away from me. He was playing his guitar while sitting on a stool. He was dressed rather bizarrely with a Bandana (headband) around his head and lots of beads around his neck. He had on a loose fitting colorful shirt and wore tight red pants. This was an outfit that looked like he just won a costume award at the Village (so I thought). While playing his guitar, his boosted amplifiers/speakers where blasting so loud that after 20 minutes I yelled out to Don "let's get out of here, I got a headache".

After leaving and walking on the street out of the Cafe' Wha? I asked Don who the hell was that guy? Don said that's Jimmy Hendrix, not knowing anything about him I said, "oh".

But the kicker is this, throughout the entire 70's I assumed Fleetwood Mac was just an all guys band with just the sexy Stevie Nicks as a female member. While watching Fleetwood Mac on MTV with my son (my son was addicted to MTV). I saw Christine McVie sing a song with the FM band during the early the 80's. I was very much surprised and shocked that a female sounded like a guy. She had/has an altos voice, and was knocked over with her beauty also.

Good thing elephants aren't pink, I wouldn't recognize them.

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