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I agree with a lot of what was already said here- BTM sounds more like a group album than anything they had done since Rumours, absolutely. Fleetwood Mac had 3 incredible voices, so why not let them all be heard on as many songs as possible? So hearing Stevie, Billy, and Rick on Skies the Limit is just awesome and a real joy. Hearing Christine and Stevie on In the Back of My Mind sends chills up my spine and is so much more effective. BTM is an album I can listen to from start to finish. I canít do that on Tusk, Mirage, or Tango. I also agree Stevie comes off the worst, but at least her songs arenít awful... just not as good as everyone elseís, thatís all. I guess Iím in the minority with my love for Do You Know, Hard Feelings, and When It Comes to Love- theyíre so good with beautiful harmonies. Save Me and Skies the Limit are outstanding, so I donít understand how they werenít bigger hits, except that radio was changing at that time. Also always surprised Skies wasnít performed live.
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