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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
Who is Don Felder and What is Nothing Ever Changes.

Name two Stevie songs from Say You Will with lyrics that are heard in another SN FM song and a solo song:
Everybody Finds Out has the line "affairs of the heart," which is also the title and a line in a Stevie song song in FM Behind the Mask.

Destiny Rules has a line "maybe your arms are not supposed to go around me," which is similar to "you miss those arms that used to go around you" from the Stevie song No Questions Asked, in FM Greatest Hits.

Destiny Rules also has the line "when I see you again," which is also the title and a repeated line of a Stevie song in FM Tango in the Night.

Destiny rules and Illume on SYW contain an almost identical verse "I love the coastal cities..."

Cannot find a lyric which is also in a solo song... except maybe the reference in Goodbye Baby to a "tunnel to the sea" which is reminiscent of the "I run over the stones, down to the sea" in the title track of TISL.
"...every time, you don't come..." "my little demon..." oh dear...
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