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Originally Posted by bobwelchera View Post
Everyone is old or older, but Neil has the strongest voice of the three - I don't think his vocals have fallen off at all. As I said, more sporadic concerts lets Christine recover and shine as she did in Baltimore. I think Stevie would have eaten some crow if she went in the studio with Christine and Lindsey - the album was well-received without her, and a strong two or three songs from her to add to their 10 would've made it skyrocket, undoubtedly.

Despite this being an unpopular opinion, I would have loved to have seen another record with the Time group (removing These Strange Times from a final cut), or Danny getting to play with them again before he passed.
I'd have loved to have seen more from the Love Shines band. Just Mick, John, Chris and Billy. But yes you are right, the Time band didn't get a fair shot. Feel sorry for Bekka B.

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