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Originally Posted by g. fish View Post
There was one musical genius in the band.

There was one big attraction to the band.

And there was one pop writer that really didn't make any difference.

And there were two has beens, who just hung on for the money.

They fired the musical genius.

Enough said.
The only thing is, I cannot call Christine a pop writer who didn't make any difference. She made a big difference to every album's success, starting with the White album and ending with the Tango album. I mean, I don't say the difference she made was always positive. I think a couple of her songs caused the band to be taken less seriously sometimes. They are sometimes written off as fluff. Well ... they were in the past. Now the millennials are rethinking the band and they're "in" again.

BUT either way her contributions were astronomical overall. First single for that line up, Over My Head was hers and it was a hit and it's still sublime today. And I won't say Little Lies was sublime, but .... First album to last album with this line up, she's anything but forgettable.

And don't forget her once beautiful voice.
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