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PP19: Hits of Fleetwood Mac more immortal than the band

Goosebumps when singing along, less so when performing

11 june 2019, ralph-hermen huiskamp




pinkpop 2019

The fiftieth Pinkpop is done. But there is another look back at the final piece. Fleetwood Mac may close, as an old acquaintance who was already on the second edition of the festival. Then still a piece of cake in Geleen, now a huge entertainment production in Landgraaf. But the band is still completely in place.

Fifteen minutes before Fleetwood Mac has to go up, there is suddenly some nervousness backstage. People are stopped, the road is kept clear. Some blinded Mercedes vans come crashing in one by one, each with about 30 seconds in between. They drive all the way to the bottom of the main stage stairs. Stevie Nicks is one of the first to climb the stairs, drummer and name giver Mick Fleetwood is among the latter. Their music is timeless, young bands such as Sunflower Bean are still influencing the radio today, but the band members have really grown old. With the help of security guards, they are safely assisted upstairs, and then kick off the show ten minutes early. That's how it works if you have such a status. Many young headliners are known to be late,

This piece should not be about Lindsey Buckingham at all. Of course, when he joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975 with Stevie Nicks, the two of them soon left their mark on the band. And that is softly expressed. His typical guitar playing, unparalleled writing talent, and the love for and then break with Nicks that inspired the very best Fleetwood Mac records, are just about the basis of why the band has become so legendary. And yet he was mercilessly fired a year and a half ago. They had survived their painful divorce in the 1970s, but forty years later Nicks sent him away. His departure was met by flying in two cannons: the guitarist of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and the great man of Crowded House.

Fleetwood Mac, Mainstage Monday, June 11

Came to sing the hits, and could sing the hits.

Even with the best will in the world, it was not good. But man, those songs are still good.

'Go Your Own Way' still gives goosebumps.

(Text continues under the photo)

Why has Buckingham been going on for a paragraph while it shouldn't have been? Because he is painfully missed. In terms of sound alone, from the first notes it is awkward to hear Stevie Nicks make harmonies with a different male voice. Weird how much difference it makes. And with the danger of making Buckingham's role far too big: it is as if his departure made the entire band ten years older in one fell swoop. A year or so ago, the band sounded vital, now you can hear the age coming back everywhere. Nicks' voice is still charming old despite all the shortcomings, Christine McVie sings really painfully false. Behind her keyboard full of trolls and toy cars, she doesn't get her notes time after time. And so the house of cards that Fleetwood Mac built in the seventies with the most beautiful harmonies collapsed in one fell swoop.

And take Mick Fleetwood for example. It is as if he now had much more talk than before, while he has great difficulty keeping up the pace. He endlessly cracks, even when everyone is off stage. And then there is a drum solo of ten minutes early in the show. Complaining about drum solos doesn't really have to happen as often as people sometimes think, but 'World Turning' interrupts for ten minutes of drums and gasping is just not possible. Especially when afterwards all band members, background singers and flown-in reinforcements are presented one by one. After a spectacular opening with 'The Chain', 'Little Lies' and 'Dreams', the momentum and momentum disappeared completely a few songs later. Or how about Nick's story at 'Black Magic Woman'.

On all sides it rattles or feels like an imminent car accident. And yet the show is full of magical moments. The intro of 'Everywhere' is used incorrectly, but it is wonderful to hear such a song blew across Landgraaf at the end of such a weekend. Same with 'Rhiannon'. That intro alone, that dry guitar, the drum and bass that are appreciated, the supercooled vocals. And man, all Pinkpop hear "Go Your Own Way" roar just before the encore. Even if you don't know the pain that sounds in the studio version, you get goose bumps. The whole set is proof that the music of Fleetwood Mac is immortal. It's a shame the band isn't it.

Discography Fleetwood Mac
1968 : Fleetwood Mac
1968 : Mr. Wonderful
1969 : Then Play On
1970 : Kiln House
1971 : Future Games
1972 : Bare Trees
1973 : Penguin
1973 : Mystery to Me
1974 : Heroes Are Hard to Find
1975 : Fleetwood Mac
1977 : Rumors
1979 : Tusk
1982 : Mirage
1987 : Tango in the Night
1990 : Behind the Mask
1995 : Time
2003 : Say You Will

jelmer de haas
Half a century of Pinkpop is over. Curious as to which debutant of now 2069 may close the hundredth edition.

For more Pinkpop 2019 check our extensive file .

1. The Chain
2. Little Lies
3. Dreams
4. Second Hand News
5. Say You Love Me
6. Black Magic Woman
7. Everywhere
8. Rhiannon
9. World Turning
10. Gypsy
11. Oh Well
12. Don't Dream It's Over
13. Landslide
14. Hold Me
15. Monday Morning
16. You Make Loving Fun
17. Go Your Own Way
18. Free Fallin '19
. Don't Stop

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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