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Default Can we talk about Christine's Time songs?

I just listened to all of time again, a few years after my first and only listen- and I'm kicking myself that it didn't give Christine's songs more of a chance! They're all FANTASTIC. Her voice is the best I've ever heard it (besides Tango, but she's heavily edited there) and the production of each song blows what was done to her BTM songs out of the water. Nights in Estoril is climbing as one of my favorites of hers, All Over Again is the best farewell to Fleetwood Mac she could have written, and Sooner or Later's tinge of darkness makes it stand out from most of her poppy love songs. Hollywood and I Do are pretty good as well but I'm not on the same level with them yet as I am with the first three. It won't be long at this rate though.

I'm surprised these don't get more credit by fans. Is it just because of their parent album? What do y'all think of them?
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