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Heyyy I'm Bec! Long time lurker of The Ledge forum, down here in Australia, and I decided over time that I wanted to add to lots of stuff on here, so I did the obvious and got an account! Woohoo! Anyway, it's awesome to be here!! I'm only 14 years old and a BIG Fleetwood Mac fan. They've been my fave band since I was about three years old and I heard Landslide for the first time. (but the best FM song for me is probably Beautiful Child)

Erm, my favourite Stevie solo album is Rock A Little, just love Talk To Me and If I were You, the album itself didn't do as well as the 2 before it but I just love the music.
And my favourite solo album of Lindsey's is by far Go Insane. Somehow it just does it for me. More electric than the traditional instrumentals on his other albums. Just different and awesomely weird, I suppose.
I really don't know a thing about Christine's solo stuff, never really followed through with it as much as SN or LB's.

I'm definitely a Tusk girl, coz I love the creativity in it and the contrast from Rumours, that's what makes FM as a band stand out for me. And the fact that Lindsey did a lot of the work by himself is kinda inspirational.
I love both Lindsey and Stevie probably the most (it's sooo hard!).... Lindsey's so incredibly talented in every way and Stevie's voice is amazing. Again, glad to be here!
"If you can't rock & roll, you're old."

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