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I don’t know for sure, but I presume neither Rick or Stevie are on the song. I don’t hear them, anyway.

The timeline for Paper Doll, Heart of Stone, No Questions Asked, and Love Shines is always confusing for me. I believe Paper Doll and As Long As You Follow were recorded for their Greatest Hits, but then they recorded No Questions Asked and used it instead of Paper Doll. Then they recorded songs for Behind the Mask, after which Rick and Stevie left the band. Then Billy, Christine, John, and Mick recorded Love Shines and Heart of Stone, both produced by Patrick Leonard, and put those songs on the Chain box set; Paper Doll was given to Lindsey to tweak, and then he returned it to them, along with his solo song Make Me a Mask, also for the boxset. Then the Rumours 5 reunited for the presidential inauguration, followed within a week or two by Christine, John, Mick, Billy, and Rick performing at the Super Bowl pre-game.

It is confusing.
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