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Originally Posted by sue View Post
Listening to Ken, as I do. (on the radio)
Christine is on, in an interview from 2013, so no new stuff re the band.
She’s choosing tracks she likes.
She picks....Babylon Sister, by Steely Dan and says “this is one of my favourite songs ever”
Her first track was ...”God only knows” by the Beach Boys, she explained she lived next door to the Beach boys’ mother, Audrey...and that’s how she met them..
Literally, by borrowing a cup of sugar. She also said she loved Carl’s voice “he had the voice of an Angel”
She also described Dennis as being particular difficult!!
I love this interview. Her Billie Holiday song is one of my fav's. I remember listening to this interview thinking..."She's coming back!!"

I wasn't sure, but I had hope after this.
I would tell Christine Perfect, "You're Christine f***ing McVie, and don't you forget it!"
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