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Originally Posted by elle View Post
Mick and FM basically treated very accomplished has beens as hired players for the tour. it helped them to put their names out there. now they are gone on capitalizing on their year of playing with FM.

it will never happen though because Stevie holds all the cards no matter how hard Mick is trying to get them back. and it's her band now - she doesn't want FM to be the band of Classic 5 or of Peter Green. she wants it to be Stevie Nicks' band. so she will never agree to get Lindsey back. i guess keeping Neil and Mike waters it down enough in Mick's mind that he's thinking maybe she'll agree to that. kinda like when Lindsey came to those 2 LA shows back on the Tango tour is i guess what Mick is thinking.
I don't think they were has beens. Mike did do an oldies tour with Tom in 2017; it was a 40th anniversary tour but for their 30th they did tour a new album. He had his band The Dirty Knobs and could've produced artists rather than join the FM tour.
Neil is popular in Australia and New Zealand. He releases music rather regularly. But sure, the FM money was an offer you can't refuse.
But if they wanted to go big with replacing Lindsey, they would've chosen Harry Styles.
I agree Neil and Mike are enjoying more attention and likely interest in their other projects because they were in FM.
I don't even think there will be another FM concert. I don't see Nicks going for it unless it's Glasto or like a one off at Central Park.
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