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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
I remember a recent interview where Stevie made a comment along the lines of “with Tusk, we were touring for an album some of us didn’t care for, singing songs we weren’t crazy about” or something to that effect. If she was referring to herself and Christine, then that would explain why Christine didn’t sing many songs from Tusk live for that tour. I think Stevie sang Sara, Sisters of the Moon, and Angel, and on subsequent tours she sang Storms and Beautiful Child.
I do wonder if they would have found some extra affection for all of those songs if Tusk had sold better. I love the vibe of Tango, but Family Man and Welcome to the Room Sara are not favorites of mine (and aren't as good as anything on Tusk, IMO) -- but it had 4 hit singles and sold a lot of copies, and we haven't heard a peep from anyone complaining about the non-hits. And you could make the same argument for the retro hate of SYW in some camps. Well one camp mostly.
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