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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
No scouring. Saturday Night Live was mocking her 20? years ago! The fact that some of are primarily fans of THE BAND, and not her specifically, shouldn't hurt your feelings. Accept it. Accept it with a sense of humor. $he's NOT a goddess. $he's an old woman with barely any voice left.

$he's become a caricature of herself.
She's the WORST now. I used to be the biggest fan of hers but i just can't do it anymore. She's changed, she's become a bitter old woman hanging on to her fame anyway she can . It's gross. Goat "let me see, who can I attach myself to prolong my fame and make me look relevant.... wait....who's that boy on the TV Harry Styles? Is he famous?" Karen "he's the biggest thing right now" Goat "quick get me backstage to his next show"
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