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Originally Posted by Dragon View Post
I read speculation Christine was working on a solo album before Time. I think "Hollywood (Some Other Kind of Town", "I Do", "Sooner or Later", "Nights in Estoril", and "All Over Again" from Time, "Temporary One" from The Dance, and In the Meantime must have existed after 25 Years - The Chain.
Thatís not what I meant. I meant before Warners insisted on having Chris tracks on the Mac album, I wondered if there were other tracks from the Billy/Dave/Bekka lineup that would have seen the light of day if not for that.
Reuniting the Rumours line-up just produced 20 years of virtual silence. If Stevie didn't like the heat she should have quit the kitchen.

I know many will disagree - I have no desire to quarrel.

Peace and love everyone
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