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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
That was painfully awkward and just shows how these guys have all trained themselves to be part of a show and seemingly have zero ability to just jam/do something off the cuff. Was it during the 2013 tour when something went amiss during the beginning of Tusk and Lindsey not only restarted the song, but had to go back to his original mark on the stage and do his little weird Tusk march/walk thing to the stage edge. They train themselves to perform in their little bubbles and they do it well but they can't just jump on stage and jump into a song that they've sung 1000 times outside of the bubble. I guess it's part of being an old fart...
And before the Rumours era, they were very different. Throughout the years, several concert attendees of Mac 1970-74 shows (especially the 1970-72 ones) have remarked how adventurous the music was, and the many opportunities for improvisation, especially in the drumming and guitar work. In 1972, Mick even remarked in an interview that the band was not constrained by a specific setlist and were not forced to always play their songs the same way.
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