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Originally Posted by Macfan4life View Post
Now I am curious. Dont make me dig out CDs because I dont have the albums anymore. I could be wrong but do not remember a specific THANK YOU to Lindsey on any other album. I don't remember at mention of Fleetwood Mac either until this album.
Prove yourself. Go dig out your CDs and find the exact quote. I could be wrong but the reason I seem to remember this was because it was a first. I always loved reading the inner notes of albums.

Edit: I was wrong. I dug out my copy of TOSOTM and no mention of Lindsey. Not sure why I thought that. I remember the Fleetwood Mac line but for some reason I thought Lindsey was also mentioned. Wrong.
Stevie thanked each band member by name in alphabetical order on The Wild Heart, and she thanked Lindsey and Mick on Rock a Little, again in alphabetical order. On TOSOTM she thanked FM as a whole. I didn’t look at Street Angel, but my guess is she didn’t thank FM, Lindsey, or any individual members, with the exception of Rick Vito, as I believed he played guitar on that album and was the musical director of that tour.
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