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Macfan4life, Stevie said in the liner notes Thank you to Fleetwood Mac, for being, after all this time... wonderful. But I am certain she thanked Lindsey and the other members individually on her first 2 albums.

Sorry you don’t like I Still Miss Someone. I really like it, she sounds great and I don’t mind that she didn’t write it, she sings it with a lot of feeling. Even that whistle you mention, I enjoy. You’re right, the song does sound like it’s being played at a carnival, which makes the lyrics even more of a contrast, because they’re pretty sad while the music is upbeat. This song is vague enough to be universal, it could be about a boyfriend, a good friend, or a family member.

I wish the one guy on the podcast who said he didn’t like Doing the Best I Can would have given a reason. While I agree the production is over the top, such as the part where she sings “I was silent, I was locked away” followed by the pounding of the keyboards that sounds like it’s from the Addams Family show, the lyrics and vocals alone make this an incredible song. I mean, this is Stevie being her most honest and vulnerable... usually her lyrics are vague and could apply to anything, but more than ever on this album and on this song in particular, she is pretty much telling us she hit rock bottom in no uncertain terms, and in first person, no less. There are a few metaphors here, but mostly, she’s telling us about her lowest point in as straightforward a fashion as she can.

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