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Actually, people like myself can look at the big picture and realize that ALL of their careers in 1996 were not exactly blasting into orbit.

Again, for the last point was Stevie definitely benefited greatly from the Dance reunion. It didn't need the knee jerk "but lindsey...but but but" crap argument that is so stupidly tired at this point. It's a pretty basic concept. She was one of the biggest faces of the band between 75-90, of course she would get a huge boost from the reunion more so than John Mcvie...or even Christine.

There's no need to go down all these dumb tangents about album charts and then grammatical nitpicking because I said singles instead of albums.

And I also never said her career was in the tank, I believe you're the first person to state it that way in this thread. I just pointed out that the year before she was performing off of a semi truck in st pete beach and a year later she was in sold out arenas with Fleetwood Mac. She's never returned to playing flat bed trucks since!

Yet again, not a personal jab at Stevie...just a basic observation that had nothing to do with a comparison to Lindsey Buckingham or anyone else.

And using the term "people like me" just proves the bias that you bring to the table.

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