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Originally Posted by UnwindedDreams View Post
I didn't attend a 1990 concert but I think from what I've seen, it was the most fan-catered setlist. If you were a fan of all of their work, they gave you a good serving of new songs. I'm not enthused by BTM album but I would've liked to have heard the songs live for sure.

I honestly don't know the song Tear It Up.

Did Stevie really do Sara once on this tour? It seems like Sara is a song that she doesn't do for a whole tour unless the tour's with Lindsey. Though the song touches on Mick, it's very much become about BN, especially since they started the Sara hug.
That rumor about Sara has been on the net for 20+ years and nobody has ever substantiated it. The rumor was somewhere in NJ or NY they opened with the “last ever” performance of Sara (until 2004). There’s just no way at all. It’s out of character for this band to change the set like that. And opening a show with Sara? Come on now.
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