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Originally Posted by jbrownsjr View Post
Christine really had her look going on. She's looks amazing in some of these videos.
They all looked great in As Long As You Follow, but especially Christine. The whole band just looked so classy.

I remember listening to the radio one night and dj said “coming up this hour, the new song by Fleetwood Mac,” so I recorded the next several songs hoping to get it. Then a song came on and I thought for sure it was FM- it was a man singing, who I figured was Billy, and the music sounded like it could have been FM, maybe trying something new; anyway, it turned out the song was The Promise by When in Rome lol. While I love ALAYF, I kind of wonder if maybe the band should have tried something radically different for a single, like a shortened version of In the Back of My Mind.

Also, when I saw FM in Cincinnati, they performed In the Back of My Mind, Love is Dangerous, and Stand on the Rock. No Save Me, though- I was really bummed!
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